Acromio-Clavicular joint (ACJ) Dislocation

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ACJ Dislocation is a common type of injury in those involved in contact sports or road accidents and is very different from shoulder dislocation. A patient may have a partial or complete tear of either one or both of the ligaments which link the collarbone to the shoulder blade.

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shoulder joint dislocation treatment in hyderabadThe doctor may recommend an X Ray to help diagnose the extent of the problem. Shoulder separation is classified based on the extent and magnitude:

Ac joint dislocation is of 6 grades which are as follows:

Grade 1: Mild Shoulder separation with a sprain of AC Ligament. It looks normal
Grade 2: This is a serious injury that tears up the AC ligament and causes sprain in CC ligament. It also puts the clavicle out of alignment
Grade 3: Both AC and CC ligaments are torn, putting the shoulder joint noticeably out of position.
Grades 4, 5 and 6 – These are very rare


There are surgical and non surgical procedures for shoulder joint dislocation treatment which are as follows:

ac joint dislocation treatment in hyderabadACJ injuries treatment depends on the severity of the injuries. If a patient’s injury falls under Grade 1,2 or 3 AC Seperation, then the doctor would recommend the patient to wear a sling until the pain reduces. For a couple of days after injury the patient is advised to ice the shoulder for atleast 20 minutes, 3-4 times a day. The doctor may also advice the patient to go for physiotherapy along with using medications to relieve pain.

Generally only non surgical treatment options are used, unless the injury falls under most severe grades where surgical intervention becomes mandatory. Surgery is performed either through an arthroscopic procedure or open procedure