Acute Shoulder Dislocation

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Shoulder joint is the body’s most mobile joint, but also the easiest one to dislocate. In partial dislocation the top of the humerus is slightly out of the socket, while complete dislocation means it is totally out of the socket. Both conditions result in severe pain and restricted shoulder function.


  • Deformity
  • Inflammation
  • Numbness
  • Weakness
  • Bruising

Dislocation of acute shoulder can happen in forward, backward or downward direction. Most common type is when shoulder slips forward and it generally happens when the arm is in throwing position.

Doctor Examination

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The doctor will recommend the patient go for an x ray after examining the shoulder. The doctor needs to understand how it got dislocated and if it ever happened earlier.


Generally, no surgical intervention is required to treat acute dislocation. As part of the treatment, the doctor employs a technique known as closed reduction. In this, the ball of the humerus is placed back into the shoulder socket. This stops the pain almost immediately.

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After the treatment, the doctor may advice the patient to have a sling and have plenty of rest. The patient can apply ice three to four times a day. Once the pain and swelling reduces, patient will be prescribed certain rehabilitation exercises to restore the movement and improve the muscle strength.

If shoulder dislocation occurs frequently, doctor may advice a brace. However, if both therapy and bracing fail, surgery may be required to repair the torn ligaments.