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    Meniscus Tears Treatment

    Are you looking for the best meniscus tear treatment in Hyderabad then consult Dr.Sunil Apsingi. One of the most common injuries to the knee is due to Meniscal tears. Sports persons, especially those in contact sports, are at a higher risk. However, it can happen to anyone and of any age.


    Mensicus includes two wedge shaped pieces of cartilage located between the thighbone and shin bone, which function as shock absorbers


    Meniscal tears may occur in different ways, often described by the way they look and where they occur – bucket handle, flap and radial.

    Meniscus Tear Treatment in Hyderabad

    Bucket handle tear

    Types of meniscus tears:(Left) Bucket handle tear. (Right) Flap tear.

    Meniscus Injury Treatment in Hyderabad

    (Left) Radial tear. (Right) Degenerative tear.


    Meniscus tears are most common in sports persons. In elderly people, cartilage becomes weak and wears thin overtime, making them more prone to tears.


    If you notice these symptoms then you must visit the best meniscus tear doctor in Hyderabad. One may sense a “pop” when a meniscus tears. Generally people can walk despite the injury. Over the course of next 2-4 days knee becomes swollen and stiff. Other symptoms include:
    The most common symptoms of meniscus tear are:
    • Pain
    • Stiffness &swelling
    • Catching or locking of knee
    • Sensation of knee “giving way”
    • Inability to move the knee through full range of motion

    Physical Examination and Patient History

    For the best meniscus tear treatment in Hyderabad –
    During the physical examination, the doctor checks for pain along the joint where meniscus resides to identify the tear. Mc Murray test is done by doctor by bending the knee, straighten and then rotate it. The tension during the movement will cause a clicking sound if there is a tear.

    Imaging Tests

    MRI is generally recommended to get better images of soft tissues of your knee joint.


    After the physical examination and imaging test for meniscus tear treatment. Dr. Sunil Apsigi, the best meniscus tear doctor in Hyderabad gives treatment plan. The plan depends on various factors such as the type of tear, age, size of the tear, location and also if there are any related injuries. As long as symptoms do not persist, surgical intervention may not be necessary. Doctors recommend rest, ice packs, compression bandage and to recline during rest to subside the swelling.

    However, if the symptoms persist despite above suggested measures, an arthroscopic surgery may be needed. In this procedure a miniature camera is inserted through a portal to get a view of the inside of the knee and also allows to trim or repair the tear. Damaged and non-repairable meniscal tissue may be trimmed away through a procedure known as Partial Meniscectomy. Meniscal Repair can repair the torn pieces by suturing them together

    After the initial healing, an exercise routine becomes essential for restoring knee strength & flexibility. Physiotherapy would be of great help during this time.


    By consulting best meniscus tear doctor in Hyderabad and With proper diagnosis, treatment & care, patients can return to their pre-injury abilities.

    (Left): Close-up of partial meniscectomy. (Right): A torn meniscus repaired with sutures.