Shoulder Arthritis Treatment| Shoulder Arthroscopy Treatment


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Arthritis may also be one of causes of shoulder pain. Osteoarthritis, also called ‘wear & tear’ arthritis is the most common type of arthritis. Some of its symptoms include swelling, pain and stiffness. It progresses slowly and pain gets worse overtime. Rheumatoid arthritis is another form of arthritis that can affect shoulder joints.


People tend to restrict shoulder movements to reduce the pain caused by arthritis. This is likely to stiffen the soft tissue resulting in excessive pain in the shoulder joint and restricted motion.

Shoulder fractures generally tend to occur in older patients often due to fall. In younger patients fractures are a result of sports injuries, or a motor vehicle injury. Shoulder fracture can cause swelling and severe pain Clinical Examination

For the best clinical examination consult the best doctor for shoulder replacement surgery doctor in Hyderabad. It is advisable to seek immediate medical help in case of an acute injury with severe pain. After a thorough examination, the doctor would be able to determine the cause of the pain and suggest treatment options

Some of the tests suggested to identify the causes of pain and other shoulder problems of shoulder arthritis which include:• X-ray helps reveal injuries to bones in the shoulder • MRI & Ultrasound: These imaging studies help in identifying injuries to the ligaments and tendons • CT scan. It provides a detailed view of the bones in the shoulder• Electrical studiessuch as an EMG may be done to evaluate nerve function.• Arthrogram - During this test, a dye is injected into the shoulder to give a clearer picture of the joint and surrounding muscles and tendons. • Arthroscopy. This surgical procedure, allows the doctor to look inside the joint with a fiber-optic camera. Arthroscopy may reveal soft tissue injuries that are not apparent from other tests.
Nonsurgical Treatment
• Rest and change in level of activity can help avoid provoking pain
• Physiotherapy exercises can help improve the range of movement
• Non steroidal anti inflammatory medications help reduce swelling and pain
There are surgical and non surgical procedures for shoulder arthritis treatment which are as follows: Activity Changes Treatment generally involves taking good rest, altering daily activities, and physiotherapy to improve strength and flexibility of the shoulder. Medications Medication to mitigate swelling and pain may be prescribed by the doctor. Pain medication should be taken only as advised by the doctor. Sometimes, in case of severe pain, steroids and other injections may be recommended Surgery Generally, most patients respond well to simple treatment methods like rest, physiotherapy and medications. However, in case of recurring dislocations and rotator cuff tears, surgery (arthroscopy or traditional open procedures) may be recommended. Consult the best shoulder arthritis specialist in Hyderabad for the best shoulder arthritis treatment.